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hi, its

ahsa.mea simple explanation abount

(A)mir (H)osein (S)ami (A)zar

About Me:

I'm Amir Hosein Sami Azar (ahsa in abbreviation) a full stack developer,web security expert and linux lover, a husband and father and i'm borned in 1990. im graduate in 2012 and had start programming in 2011. For 2 years (till 2013) i had working in private company named Sanatyar as C# developer. and rest of my experience is as a freelancer/self employed.

I love gym , food , fashion , football , music and i don't care about i'm part of a team or i'm alone , i love my work and in any situation i'll do my best.
My specialty is in web development (fe and be), but i'm also good in android. My mastery Languages is C# and Python, but the java and javascript are also in my skills.
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Main area of my expertise is web development ( fornt end and back end ) but i have also some experiences in android.
Backend :
I'm also good in frameworks like Django,NodeJS and Microsoft Entity Framework and i can work with SQL and NoSQL databases like msql-server and mongodb either.
I'm a linux lover and think life is better and easier with open source.My favorite Linux distribiution is Debian / Ubuntu althoug i love fedora too.

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it will be my honor

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